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Anritsu MP1595A

www.profiua.com Anritsu-mp1595a40G SDH/SONET Analyzer. The spread of rich-content broadband services supporting HDTV broadcasting, Video on Demand, online gaming, etc., and demanding high data throughput is driving progress towards introduction of next-generation 40G core networks. Anritsu has developed its MP1595A 40G SDH/SONET Analyzer as the ideal all-inone measurement solution for assuring the quality of these ultra-high-speed networks. Just one MP1595A Analyzer provides full 40/43G support for all network quality measurements. Stress testing for SDH/SONET and OTN Equipments is supported using the full line of versatile functions, including overhead setting, monitoring, error/alarm generation and detection functions. The random error insertion using a Poisson distribution is especially useful for evaluating FEC performance of OTN as recommended by ITU-T.

Combination with the MP1797A 40/43G Jitter Analyzer supports high-performance jitter generation and measurement for
STM-256/OC-768 (39.813G) and OTU3 (43.018G), as well as jitter tolerance and jitter transfer measurements.

SDH/SONET/OTN Measurement Solutions

The following measurement solutions required by 40/43G transmission equipment and networks are supported:

  • Error/Alarm Insertion and Detection

  • Pointer Increment/Decrement Test

  • APS (Automatic Protection Switching) Measurement

  • Frame Memory/Capture

  • Through Mode Measurement

  • Delay Time Measurement

  • Monitoring Function

40/43G Jitter Measurement

Combination with the MP1797A 40/43G Jitter Analyzer supports
the following 40/43G jitter measurements for verifying the quality
of transmission systems.

  • Jitter Generation Measurement

  • Jitter Tolerance Measurement

  • Jitter Transfer Measurement

A single MP1595A unit supports a wide range of bit rates from 1.5M to 43G, offering an efficient measurement test platform for
MUX/DEMUX equipment with 2.5G and 10G interfaces as well as 40/43G transmission equipment and networks.



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